Pro-Series Masthead Amplifier Kits

These fully screened variable gain masthead amplifier kits are supplied in a ‘tried and tested’ weatherproof housing. This range of amps is ideal for amplifying UHF and VHF signals (VHF amp only on UXFR4) where the amp needs to be located on the aerial mast or in a loft.

There are a number of output options ranging from a single output (UXFR1) to 5 outputs (UXFR5).

The amps are supplied with a PSF1200 power supply which can be located in any one of the rooms and sends 12v to the amp via the coax cable.

All products feature a variable gain control (on the amp) and are fitted with F connections.


Product Range

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Product Description

  • Range of fully screened masthead amplifier kits with F-type connections
  • Variable gain 0-20dB (UXFR1 0-25dB)
  • Amplifier kits supplied with PSF1200 power supply unit
  • LTE tuned

Technical Spec

PRO Series UXFR Masthead Kit Technical Specifications